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Hey, look, a survey I found...

  • First job:
  • I was four, and I was in a toilet cleaner commercial. I waved and said "bye bye stains" when my 'mom' flushed. It got really embarrassingly popular, and for years after it I was called the toilet stain kid by everyone in the industry. Lame.
  • First screen name:
  • VaVarner69 . I had it when I was like, thirteen or so. I dropped the 69 and added another Va, for VaVaVarner when I was like 17 and outgrew thinking 69 was really badass to have at the end of your SN.
  • First funeral:
  • My grandma on my dad's side died when I was 16. It was pretty sad. Hard to get my mother to let me go, too.
  • First pet:
  • Whiskers, a big ass maine coon cat.
  • First piercing:
  • I pierced my ear when I was 12.
  • First tattoo:
  • Um... I'll get back to you on that when I get one.
  • First credit card:
  • Christ, I was like 16 or so when I got one that my mother co-signed on.
  • First kiss:
  • Eddi Lane, on the set of a show where we were both extras. She was pretty.
  • First enemy:
Chas Andrews, a kid who went to a lot of the same auditions I did - we competed for a lot of roles and totally hated each other. Or well, more like our mothers told us we hated each other, 'cause we were like nine and shit. But this one time we got roles in the same commercial and we hung out for a while and he turned out to be pretty cool. So I guess he wasn't exactly an enemy after that.

  • Last car ride:
  • Um, my dad gave me a ride to the airport to get here. Since then I've been riding in the studio van. I don't drive - I'm a little car phobic I think.
  • Last kiss:
  • Chas Andrews. Hah. Yeah, we met up at this party like, last year or so? Made out like crazy. I was supposed to call him but when I was sober it was just too weird.
  • Last movie watched:
  • I watched Shrek 3 on DVD
  • Last beverage drank:
  • Iced Tea
  • Last food consumed:
  • 'Steak' sandwich (veggie steak, I don't eat meat)
  • Last phone call:
  • I called Pete to see what he was up to.
  • Last time showered:
  • This morning
  • Last CD played:
  • Our Love to Admire - Interpol
  • Last website visited:
Something Awful

  • Single or taken:
  • Single, still single.
  • Gender:
  • Male
  • Birthday:
  • 2/14/1989 - yeah, explains the Valentine, doesn't it?
  • Sign:
  • Aquarius. This girl did my astrological chart, but she got kinda peeved when I cracked up. Come on, tell me you can hear "Aquarius is ruled by Uranus" without cracking up.
  • Siblings:
  • None
  • Hair color:
  • Black
  • Eye color:
  • Blue
  • Shoe size:
  • nine and a half
  • Height:
  • 5' 7"
  • Wearing:
  • gray Nike t-shirt, sweatpants, no shoes. Was doing some Yoga earlier.
  • Drinking:
  • Iced Tea
  • Thinking about:
  • What I want to do tonight
  • Listening to:
The sounds of my fingers typing on the keys


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May. 17th, 2008 02:12 am (UTC)

First job: I ran a register in the family store on East 57th when I was thirteen. I screwed up so bad that when I asked my mom if I could go to acting camp, she had my suitcase packed like an hour later.

First screen name: EEmoKitty57. ... stop laughing.

First funeral: Millie Freemont, from my first grade class. She ran out in front of a car or something.

First pet: I kept a beta in a fishbowl in my room when I was in high school.

First piercing: Both ears, before I was old enough to remember it happening.

First tattoo: None.

First credit card: Same year I went to acting camp the first time.

First kiss: Sylvia McAllister. ... my first year of acting camp. Wow, I guess that was a momentous year, or something.

First enemy: Oh ... Mercedes DeSauza, at school. She always used to steal my lunch money.


Last car ride: About an hour ago, when I went to get groceries.

Last kiss: Mandy <333

Last movie watched: La Femme Nikita on DVD.

Last beverage drank: Midori sour.

Last food consumed: A plate of veggies Sherrie set out to munch on.

Last phone call: My mom, to reassure her that I'm not slacking.

Last time showered: Ten minutes ago.

Last CD played: Kala, by M.I.A.

Last website visited: ohnotheydidnt


Single or taken: Very taken.

Gender: Female

Birthday: 1987-04-25

Sign: I'm an April Tauran. Like Hitler. Only without the ... you know ... genocide and stuff.

Siblings: None.

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Hazel

Shoe size: Four and a half

Height: 5'2"

Wearing: Chinese silk bathrobe

Drinking: Midori sour #2

Thinking about: My first year at acting camp. Seriously, this survey just hit all over it. Weird.

Listening to: The sound of the wind and surf
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